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- why you want to choose us to teach you powerful strategies.

Exceptional strategies - effective outcomes.

PROfound Leadership is a dynamic Melbourne based business that operates throughout Australia and internationally. We help successful but unsatisfied managers to not only accomplish tangible achievements, but to also increase their confidence and fulfilment.

Our elite and proven strategies empower self-driven and competent managers to stay in control 100% of the time, so they can positively impact the people around them through their actions and authentic leadership style.

Three key factors make us unique:

1 All our professional development content (including online training courses, in-house workshops, books, videos, webinars, live Q&A sessions, and one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions) is developed and delivered by our director and Chief Education Officer Martin Probst. We design our training with the learner in mind, cater for a variety of learning preferences, and are not afraid to share all our knowledge.2 We are famous for instant and profound results. We proudly follow our own PROfound Leadership Methodology, the blueprint for successful and confident leaders. This ground-breaking method is your compass to overcome the toughest challenges in today’s busy and ever-changing environment, and has been specifically designed to elevate you to a whole new level of success.3 We know that one approach won’t suit everyone, so it’s part of our philosophy to find ways to make our training accessible to as many people as possible. We offer you flexibility by designing and presenting our user-friendly courses online, as well as delivering tailored in-house workshops for your team or organisation. However, we appreciate that applying newly acquired leadership skills and methods can pose a challenge, which is why we also offer one-on-one coaching services to successfully implement your strategies.

Meet the team

“Leadership is about guidance to a clear vision, unlocking true potential and creating excellence as a result of heightened awareness, accountability and inspiring actions.

 It enables confidence, achievements
and fulfilment.”

Martin Probst

Martin Probst – CEO (Chief Education Officer)

Through our company, Martin Probst has helped hundreds of self-driven and competent managers to stay in control 100% of the time, so they can positively impact the people around them through their actions and authentic leadership style.


Martin’s endeavour to make a lasting impact on managers and work teams has seen him spending well over 20 years travelling the world, studying the field of self-development and human potential. He understands what it means to work in pressured environments and the importance to become the best at what you do. His background and experience working with a wide variety of cultures and individuals allows for rapid rapport and trust to develop. He is Master Certified in numerous personal transformation modalities, has been responsible for the personal and professional success of countless members of middle and upper management, and is an all-round nice guy with an infectious laugh.

His mission to maximise human potential to achieve peak performance in a supportive work environment has led him to:

  • Teach over 9 years in a classroom setting
  • Conduct over 1,000 hours of one-on-one coaching
  • Present at and run over 100 in-house workshops and speaking engagements
  • Author 6 Australian and international books and audio books
  • Write over 80 published blogs and articles
  • Create a high-level leadership journal
  • Serve as an adviser and member on various committees and boards

Today, Martin is directly impacting the lives of many managers in Australia and around the globe through his leadership development books, online training, public speaking events, in-house workshops, and one-on-one coaching. He created the PROfound methodology to assist his clients achieve ultimate success through a platform of self-awareness, building effective human dynamics, as well as strong and healthy work relationships that go beyond the nine-to-five demands of the job. His clients can’t believe how simple and easy these strategies are to learn and apply, and what immediate and profound impact they have on their professional and personal lives.

Please connect with Martin on LinkedIn and if you have any questions, please feel free to send him an email.ILP memberbadge - Professional Developent - Leadership Skills

Gerda Probst – CEO (Chief Efficiency Officer)

A founding member of PROfound Leadership, Gerda is renowned for seeing opportunities everywhere, and is constantly joining the dots between our services and our clients, her number one priority.


Gerda has a unique ability to mix practicality with creativity by drawing from her vast experience in finance, hospitality, banking, administration and being a mother of 2. Her almost 20 years in the workforce has seen her for quite some time combine her passion for travel with earning a living, and successfully completing a Diploma in Business and Certificate lV in Business Administration.

Today, Gerda is the PROfound Leadership’s Chief Efficiency Officer, and makes sure things don’t explode. She is responsible for policies and procedures, marketing, website design and maintenance, finances and budgeting, events, information technology, and any other administrational tasks that arise.

Gerda’s passion for superior quality reflects in everything we do, so each experience with us smoothens your path to becoming a confident, fulfilled and authentic leader. Gerda is very thankful for her ability to use her administration skills to create positive transformations in leaders and thus influence their future and generations to come.

Please connect with Gerda on LinkedIn, and if you have any questions, please contact her via email or 1300 936 313.

Mission and Values


Our purpose is to help you become a confident and fulfilled leader and make a difference not only in your life, but also in the lives of others. Everything we provide is designed to accelerate your ability to create a relaxed and open professional and personal environment, where people can grow, contribute and succeed.


Our mission at PROfound Leadership is three inspired actions:

1) To educate and empower a community of hard-working and committed leaders

2) To deliver highly effective leadership development programs

3) To create positive transformations in leaders to influence their future and generations to come


Our vision is to share insights and proven principles with people who want to MASTER THEIR MIND so they can:

  • Create self-awareness and effective relationships with others
  • Nurture values and beliefs which are aligned with clear and desired outcomes
  • Promote personal and professional development to excel
  • Understand and create a safe and supportive environment
  • Plan and implement structures to meet and exceed goals
  • Adapt and foster positive behaviours and action


PROfound Leadership Values Client SuccessOUR CLIENT’S SUCCESS

Without you, we wouldn’t exist. Your needs come first in everything we do. Therefore, our first priority is to ensure that with every interaction you progress further ahead in your goal to not only accomplish tangible achievements, but to also increase your confidence and fulfilment. This includes every online training course you enrol in, event you attend, video you watch, blog post you read, group Q&A session you listen in to, down to every email you receive from us.

PROfound Leadership Values CommitmentOUR PROFOUND COMMITMENT

PROfound stands for any simple distinction, strategy, belief, skill, or tool that, the minute we understand it, we can apply it to make immediate increases in the quality of our life.

In other words, we are committed to assist you to:
- become aware of those distinctions
- clearly understand them and
- be able to implement them so you can experience growth and success

PROfound Leadership Values ExcellenceOUR EXCELLENCE PROMISE

We deliver superior quality in everything we do, so that each experience with us is positive. This isn’t just because it makes us happy and proud, but more importantly so you can be a confident, fulfilled and authentic leader.

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