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Positive behavioural change | Webinar (VDC)

20 May @ 12:30 pm AEST

2019 VDC Webinar - Behavioural Change - Professional Development - Leadership Skills - LND - Learning & Development

Positive behavioural change

Facilitated by: Martin Probst - Chief Education Officer, PROfound Leadership

2019 VDC Webinar - Professional Development - Leadership Skills - LND - Learning & Development


Understanding of human behaviours, motivations and emotional intelligence is the first step to creating positive behaviour. 
Challenging behaviours can sap our confidence, demotivate teams, and damage otherwise productive business relationships.

Whether it’s students, work colleagues, or peers in our network, we can positively shape the behaviour of others through awareness of our own interactions and responses.

In this interactive webinar, participants will learn more about human behaviours and how motivations can drive behaviour. They will also learn skills and strategies to promote positive behaviours. The emphasis is on understanding what prompts challenging behaviours and how to influence and promote long-lasting change.


  • New to the Sector
  • Intermediate
  • Experienced Coordinator
  • Leader/Executive

Topics Covered

  • Separating the person from the behaviours
  • Understanding behaviours and how we create our reality
  • How to positively influence behavioural change in self and others 
  • Recover valuable information
  • What’s in our control – what’s not

Learning Outcomes

  • A clear understanding of human behaviours
  • Enhanced people skills to promote positive behaviours
  • Valuable insights into personal and social capabilities
  • Heightened confidence and self-awareness to successfully deal with challenging behaviours
  • Insights into emotional intelligence to assist with managing actions more effectively


Please ensure you have the following prior to starting the session:
• You must use Google’s Chrome as your web browser (Safari for MAC users).
• Strong internet connection
• Headphones/headset/speakers so that you can hear the presentation
• You can test your system at the VDC Test Webinar Site



20 May
12:30 pm
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Qualifications - Martin Probst

What do past workshop participants say?

[Workshop Innovative teaching practices for adult learning]. Martin was very professional and his speaking / training style was very effective. Participants felt very relaxed, yet engaged.

Kushan Dharmawardena

Business Trainer, Melbourne City Insitute of Education

The Motivation and Inspiration in Leadership presentation was a tremendous success, attracting a diverse range and level of attendees. Your presentation was informative and many commented on how they reflected on their own practices. It also allowed for the reflection on workplace practices within their organisation.

Sally Rowe-Walser

Co-Secretary, AHRI Gippsland Network Committee

[Workshop Confident Conflict Management]. The presenter is very pleasant, humorous, engaging, and great attitude. "Who is in control of your mind?"

George Thomas

Director of Marketing, Acknowledge Education

Thanks again, Martin, for your excellent presentation and fabulous notes [on Influencing Positive Behaviours]. My colleagues and I were just reading through them, noticing our resonance with the different perceptual frameworks - very useful to facilitate enhanced connection with people, which is what we’re all about here! Your presentation came up repeatedly throughout the rest of our education day, so you really nailed it. Many thanks indeed.

Dr Suzanne Moss

"Insightful, deep, lots of reason and logical concepts."
"Excellent presentation. Thanks for sharing your experience, wisdom and knowledge. Brilliant presentation."
"Martin was very engaging and motivating."
"Lots of day-to-day examples to explain what was being discussed and understand better."
Favourite part of the workshop: "All of it." & "Insightful. Thought provoking. Martin's very clear and entertaining delivery of the topic."
"Excellent presenter – you are very engaging and easy to listen to."
"Great discussion, could relate not only on a personal level but also work."
"Thank you. I am inspired and influenced to make some changes in myself to help myself and others be more successful."
"It was a fantastic opportunity to access such a wonderful speaker."
"Not just thought provoking but life changing."
"Presenter used real-life examples."
"Thank you, I have enjoyed it immensely and took a lot away."
"Would be interested in attending more workshops."


"Very valuable insight"
"Very insightful and knowledgeable facilitator"
"Excellent facilitator"
"Very good discussions"
"Great strategies"


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