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– strengthening leadership skills with new perspectives, new thinking and new concepts.

Wyndham 2020 FLOW (Future Leaders Of the West) Program

Open for enrolments now!

Would you like to offer your current and emerging leaders an outstanding opportunity to build their leadership skills and capacities and bridge their skill gaps?

Our elite 12-month programs enable selected managers to benchmark, develop and accelerate their leadership skills.

  • Suitable for companies who have several team members who would benefit from ongoing leadership and workplace coaching strategies
  • Blended learning (on-site and online) includes workshops, webinars, tailored business profile, and coaching
  • Creating a culture of independent employees who perform interdependently within a cohesive team
  • Encouraging the participants’ desire to excel in their roles, and helping to nurture values and beliefs aligned with business and team outcomes


We don’t create programs and take them to the market. You asked for these programs, and we designed them for you.

Fully tailored leadership programs

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Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself.
When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.

Jack Welch

Business Executive

What’s on offer?

As with all our training solutions, we completely tailor our programs to the needs of your company. Our programs set themselves apart from other similar, off-the-shelf training solutions. The coaching sessions, workshop facilitations, leadership programs, keynote speeches and video tutorials are not hypothetical case studies, but much rather based on real situations that our clients are faced with, and always include a solution-based approach to enhance learner engagement and to positively impact business results and learner satisfaction.


To give you an idea what your personalised leadership program could entail, here is our most popular 12-month program:


Authentic Leadership Program

Create leaders who inspire others to excel and succeed

Why can some people clearly achieve their goals and dreams, whilst others are consistently challenged?

Time and time again, we witness that a manager’s biggest mistake is their attempt to “wing it”.

Success leaves clues!

… but only if you know what you’re looking for. Which is why we designed this leadership program. It enables managers to create a self-awareness platform for themselves and learn how to motivate and interact effectively with others, so they can achieve ultimate success beyond the nine-to-five demands of the job.

Our Authentic Leadership Program is designed to build inspiring and dynamic leaders who, in turn, create independent and powerful workplace teams. We dig deeper into the practical skills of leadership so they have a more in-depth understanding of human behaviour, and how to successfully use this knowledge in a dynamic and ever-changing business world. The strategies, techniques and tools they will learn could be the difference between being an average manager and an inspirational and successful leader.

Program Outline

This 12-month Authentic Leadership Program is the ideal choice for technically strong middle managers through to executives who seek to enhance their leadership and coaching skills, and become inspirational and successful leaders in a dynamic and ever changing business world.

Individuals at this level gain invaluable knowledge, practical skills and profound expertise in leadership and workplace coaching that can change behaviours and culture in any organisation or industry context. Participants will apply their skills to achieve peak performance in a supportive working environment where employees can excel within a team. Program attendees will design, apply and improve strategies to deal with any challenges and achieve ethical win-win solutions.

This elite program is designed to help managers to not only solve problems, but to see opportunities these challenges may present, and to discover new and innovative sources of revenue in those opportunities. Participants get access to the blueprint for inspirational and successful leaders, and acquire the skills and confidence needed to master their mind.

Delivery Method

Blended Learning - The program is designed to be accessible from wherever you want, whenever you want, and as often as you want during your enrolment period (the only exception are the face-to-face training days). You choose the level of participation and involvement in the program.




Participants will have access to 6 x 4-hour in-house workshops, dedicated to each of the six Methodology areas. These training sessions are designed to:

  • Create a self-awareness platform for personal and professional self-leadership and self-management for their own growth and victory
  • Focus on how to form a high-performance team to meet and succeed company goals. Participants will gain the leadership and coaching skills to manage and lead others, as well as insights into building and inspiring their own team, whose focus is on the company mission and vision rather than getting through the day.
  • Build successful relationships, so they can step up as leaders and learn the principles of interdependent leadership to achieve ultimate win-win-win outcomes through leverage, synergies and cooperation.


  • One-on-one coaching sessions - Each participant will receive 12 x 90-minute online/phone coaching sessions to provide individual support


Participants will have access to:

  • Q&A Group Sessions - Monthly 1-hour group mentoring, where participants can register and ask any course-related questions
  • Video & audio tutorials
  • Leadership Vault with resources, templates & PowerPoint presentations
  • e-Leadership journal
  • and much more…


  • PROfound Leadership team – We are here to support you, in case you are facing a challenge during your programs.
Key Learnings and Program Objectives

The program incorporates fundamental elements that are crucial for successfully running a team or even business. The learnings are emerging from the strategies acquired through the PROfound Methodology, and are the stepping-stones for innovation and entrepreneurship generating business growth.

Following are the key learnings, sectioned according to the PROfound Methodology:

Identity & Relationships
  • Effectively interact with others through self-awareness and enhanced people skills
  • Competitive edge and customer recognition through strong personal and business branding
  • Boosted employee engagement and trust through authentic entrepreneurship and leadership style
  • Extended collaborations through rapport building and business networking, to stimulate business growth
  • Healthy relationships and improved customer service through a growth mindset and value-enhanced offers


Values, Beliefs & Purpose
  • Formulated company vision, mission and value statements through a clear understanding of the business
  • Aligned workforce with company values, mission and vision through clear communication
  • Identified and assessed new business opportunities based on and aligned with company vision and mission
  • Set goals and KPIs aligned with company targets, and acquired effective strategies to achieve them
  • Established commitment to ethical and socially responsible business practices


  • Developed solutions for actual business problems through research, analysis and boosted problem solving skills
  • Gained the ability to spot new market trends through innovation, use of technology and critical thinking
  • Applied smart and powerful business decision making through solution based thinking
  • Learned how to close a sale through understanding customer needs and persuasive communication skills
  • Communicated effectively in a business environment through increased confidence and self-awareness and enhanced people skill
  • Reduced environmental impact through revision and improvement of business processes
  • Created an innovative environment and promoted work-life balance through flexible working arrangements and use of communication technology
  • Fuelled creativity and innovation through fostering inclusiveness and diversity
  • Created a mentally healthy, safe and supportive work environment through recognising individual differences and commonality
  • Positioned team members for optimum performance and outcomes through strategies to encourage and support accountability
Structure and Planning
  • Improved business systems and processes through the identification of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Ability to leverage growth opportunities through technology-enhanced approaches
  • Acquired skills to translate goals into specific tasks and actions, and pursued innovative ideas through strategic planning and processes
  • Enhanced productivity through effective time and stress management
  • Delegated effectively through heightened awareness of the workforce’s skill set and individual motivation styles
Behaviours & Action
  • Ability to turn dysfunctional situations into productive outcomes through effective conflict management
  • Improved personal and social capabilities through enhanced people skills and the ability to understand human behaviours
  • Positively influenced human behaviours through heightened emotional intelligence
  • Retained staff through the ability to deal and resolve organisation, individual or team conflicts quickly and confidently
  • Enabled innovation through deeper insights into customer behaviours and thinking

Your investment for the signature Authentic Leadership Program as outlined above is only $4,990 per participant if you are located in Melbourne CBD or inner suburbs (valued at $7,710).

We pride ourselves to tailor all programs to our client’s needs. The program above is our most popular leadership development program and can be changed with regards to interstate location, duration, content and delivery method. These changes of course will influence the pricing level, as will the number of attendees - the more you have, the less you pay!

* Prices are exclusive GST, and subject to change without notice
** Groups must be a minimum of 10 participants 
***  Other conditions apply

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Why support your team with professional development?

It is critical for organisations to have employees who understand each other well and work together as a team. A 2014 study by PwC revealed that in the corporate world, every $1 spent on wellbeing programs sees a $2.70  increase in productivity.

Professional development is a vital factor for organisations to:

  • Increase effectiveness and productivity
  • Translate improved productivity into a boost of bottom-line
  • Enhance communication within the organisation and hence improve customer service and reputation
  • Understand business needs and respect each other
  • Increase motivation and engagement at work that will reduce absenteeism and staff turnover
  • Develop a culture of trust which is a key factor in determining ultimate success
  • Enhance people skills and the ability to understand human behaviours
  • Improve employees’ health and well-being
  • Identify social capabilities for success
  • Build self-awareness and delegate effectively
  • Lift their career and organisation
  • Nurture values and beliefs that are clearly aligned with business vision and purpose
  • Effective communication between different stakeholders
  • Ability to turn dysfunctional situations into productive outcomes to retain staff
  • Translate goals into specific tasks and action
  • Develop an inspirational leadership culture through emotional intelligence
  • Position team members for optimum performance and outcomes
  • Lead change in a safe and supportive environment
  • Make powerful decisions with solution based thinking
  • Achieve more with less stress, lower financial costs and fewer frustrating delays
  • Gain trust and collaborate with others
  • Raise personal and team effectiveness
  • Influence and inspire others to excel
  • Boost confidence and self-esteem
  • Design a workforce that is an asset not a liability

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Who you will connect with

Martin Probst

Martin Probst

CEO - Chief Education Officer

Find out more about Martin

Martin is an award-winning Learning Professional who helps managers and team leaders to empower themselves with skills of the future, so they can lead with confidence and positively impact the people around them through their actions and authentic leadership style.

Martin’s endeavour to make a lasting impact in the Learning & Development space has seen him spending well over 20 years travelling the world, studying the field of self-development and human potential. He understands what it means to work in pressured environments and the importance of becoming the best at what you do. His background and experience working with a wide variety of cultures and range of industries include:

Education | Hospitality | Procurement | Retail | Finance | Compliance | IT | Marketing

This deep knowledge and understanding enables rapid rapport and trust to develop. He is Master Certified in numerous personal transformation modalities and is an all-round nice guy with an infectious laugh.

His mission to maximise human potential and achieve peak performance in a supportive environment have led to:

  • Working in different industries on 6 continents for over 30 years
  • Certified Learning Facilitator (Institute for Learning & Performance) and other modalities
  • Designing and delivering over 120 workshops and speaking engagements
  • Teaching over 10 years in formal education
  • Facilitating over 1,000 hours of one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Authoring 6 Australian and international books, audio books and leadership journal
  • Serving as an adviser and member on various committees & boards


Awards - Learning Professional of the Year - Learning Provider of the Year - Wyndham Business Awards - ILP

  • 2019 Australian Learning Impact Awards
    • Learning Professional of the Year
    • Highly Commended Learning Provider of the Year

2019 Wyndham Business Awards

  • Professional Services Small Finalist

Today, Martin is directly impacting the lives of many people and organisations in Australia and around the globe through his simple-yet-effective and solution-based leadership strategies, so they can successfully deal with the human aspects of the business.

Please connect with Martin on LinkedIn and if you have any questions, please feel free to send him an email.

Qualifications - Martin Probst - ABNLP - The Coaching Institute - ILP - CLF - IICS


Gerda Probst

Gerda Probst

CEO - Chief Efficiency Officer

Find out more about Gerda

A founding member of PROfound Leadership, Gerda is renowned for seeing opportunities everywhere, and is constantly joining the dots between our services and our clients, her number one priority.

Gerda has a unique ability to mix practicality with creativity by drawing from her vast experience in finance, hospitality, banking, administration and being a mother of 2. Her 20 years in the workforce has seen her combine her passion for travel with earning a living, and successfully completing a Diploma in Business and Certificate lV in Business Administration.

Today, Gerda is PROfound Leadership’s Chief Efficiency Officer and makes sure things don’t explode. She is responsible for policies and procedures, marketing, website design and maintenance, finances and budgeting, events, information technology, and any other administration tasks that arise.

Gerda’s passion for superior quality reflects in everything we do, so each experience with us smoothens your path to becoming a confident, fulfilled and authentic leader. Gerda is very thankful for her ability to use her administration skills to empower organisations, teams and individuals to succeed in an ever-changing environment, and thus influence their future and generations to come.

Please connect with Gerda on LinkedIn, and if you have any questions, please contact her via email or 1300 936 313.

Learning Approach

How our programs work

When you become a PROfound Leadership client, you will experience a fully tailored approach to anything we provide.
Everything we deliver is designed to accelerate your ability to achieve better outcomes and reap results from confident leadership.


Learning & Developing


Applying New Learnings


Reaping Results


Our learning and development solutions are based on the PROfound Leadership Methodology, developed after extensive research of client needs and analysing prevailing skill gaps in education and the workforce.

This innovative, learner-led method covers 360 degrees of human-centred leadership and serves as a compass for clients to overcome their challenges and move forward through six areas of development:

  • Identity & Relationships - Who
  • Values, Beliefs & Purpose - Why
  • Competency - How
  • Environment - Where
  • Structure & Planning - When
  • Behaviours & Action - What

PROfound Methodology - Leadership Skills - Professional Development

Led by the client’s identified learning needs, the six components are addressed either in the order they appear in the methodology or in a slightly different chronology as required. Our approach is to tailor the program to the client for maximum engagement, satisfaction and business outcomes, which calls for flexibility and innovative delivery design.

Implementation Strategy

For the implementation of learnings, we developed and designed the LEADER Learning Methodology, a
6-step process that provides the clients with a clear strategy and succinct guidance.

    Learning methodology - award-winning learning impact - LEADER - Leadership Skills - Professional Development

    This LEADER step sequence maximises outcomes not only during the Learning & Development session itself, but participants can successfully transfer their learnings into the workplace by a post-training review of the workbook and through follow-up session options if selected.

    How to make it easy for yourself

    We are here to support you. The planning process should be as easy as possible for you. That’s why our awesome Leadership Skills Team will help you with any questions you have, and develop a tailored leadership training program together with you to ensure your next event is right for your business and a great success.

    Simply complete the form below and we will be in touch, or download the FREE program planner.


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    Note: By contacting PROfound Leadership, your data will be stored and processed in line with our Privacy Policy. You can find more information here.




    Download your PROGRAM PLANNING TOOL to make life easier.

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    YES, it's 100% FREE.

    If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.

    Henry Ford


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should I choose PROfound Leadership?
    PROfound Leadership is a dynamic Melbourne based business that operates throughout Australia and internationally. We help managers to accomplish tangible achievements with confidence and fulfilment.

    Our elite and proven strategies empower self-driven and competent managers to stay in control 100% of the time, so they can positively impact the people around them through their actions and authentic leadership style.

    Three key factors make us unique:

    1. All our professional development content is developed and delivered by our director and Chief Education Officer Martin Probst. We design our training with the learner in mind, cater for a variety of learning preferences, and are happy to share all our knowledge.

    2. We are famous for instant and profound results. We proudly follow our own PROfound Leadership Methodology, the blueprint for successful and confident leaders. This ground-breaking method is your compass to overcome the toughest challenges in today’s busy and ever-changing environment, and has been specifically designed to elevate you to a whole new level of success.

    3. We know that one approach won’t suit everyone, so it’s part of our philosophy to tailor all our services to our clients needs. Therefore we offer a range of services to create flexibility and cater for different learning styles with our user-friendly online courses, in-house workshops and one-on-one coaching & mentoring sessions.


    Our purpose is to help individuals become confident and fulfilled leaders and make a difference not only in their life, but also in the lives of others. Everything we provide is designed to accelerate their ability to create a relaxed and open professional and personal environment where people can grow, contribute and succeed.


    Our mission at PROfound Leadership is three inspired actions:

    1. To educate and empower a community of self-driven and committed leaders
    2. To deliver highly effective leadership development programs
    3. To create positive transformations in leaders to influence their future and generations to come


    We deliver superior quality in everything we do, so that each experience with us is positive. This isn‘t just because it makes us happy and proud, but more importantly so our clients can be a confident, fulfilled and authentic leaders.

    Who will deliver the program?
    All our professional development content is developed and facilitated by our director and Chief Education Officer Martin Probst, who delivers results.

    Through our company, Martin Probst has helped hundreds of self-driven and competent managers to stay in control 100% of the time, communicate effectively, understand human behaviours, turn dysfunctional situations into productive outcomes, lead with positive influence, and positively impact the people around them through their actions and authentic leadership style.

    Martin’s endeavour to make a lasting impact on managers and work teams has seen him spending well over 20 years travelling the world, studying the field of self-development and human potential. He understands what it means to work in pressured environments and the importance to become the best at what you do. His background and experience working with a wide variety of cultures and individuals enables rapid rapport and trust to develop. He is Master Certified in numerous personal transformation modalities, has been responsible for the personal and professional success of countless members of middle and upper management, and is an all-round nice guy with an infectious laugh.

    His mission to maximise human potential to achieve peak performance in a supportive work environment has led him to:

    • Teach over 9 years in a classroom setting
    • Conduct over 1,000 hours of one-on-one coaching
    • Present at and facilitate over 100 in-house workshops and speaking engagements
    • Author 6 Australian and international books and audio books
    • Write over 80 published blogs and articles
    • Create a high-level leadership journal
    • Serve as an adviser and member on various committees and boards

    Today, Martin is directly impacting the lives of many managers in Australia and around the globe through his leadership development books, online training, public speaking events, in-house workshops, and one-on-one coaching. He created the PROfound Methodology to assist his clients achieve ultimate success through a platform of self-awareness, building effective human dynamics, as well as strong and healthy work relationships that go beyond the nine-to-five demands of the job.

    His clients can’t believe how simple and easy these strategies are to learn and apply, and what immediate and profound impact they have on their professional and personal lives.

    What are the definition and advantages of 'blended' learning?
    Blended learning is an education program that combines online digital media with traditional face-to-face methods requiring the physical presence of both teacher and participant. It creates great flexibility for participants to study online in their own time and at their individual pace, but also the opportunity to demonstrate practical leadership skills in a face-to-face environment, where they can ask questions, participate in group discussions and build great business relationships that go beyond the program.
    Is this a formal qualification?
    Fortunately not! We do not believe in a “cookie cutter” approach, where the one off-the-shelf program suits everybody. This program gives us the necessary flexibility and opportunities to deliver real solutions tailored to our participants’ needs rather than ticking boxes and getting lost in bureaucracy.
    Is there anybody who can help participants if they get stuck?

    Participants have access to the PROfound Leadership team who is there to support them all the way and provide solutions when they face a challenge. Depending on the chosen program, there are different ways for participants to connect with their thought leaders including email support, phone coaching etc.

    How do I get started?
    It’s easy to get started! Simply contact us either by phone 1300 936 313 or email info@profoundleadership.com.au for an obligation-free conversation. We offer a complimentary meeting to discuss the company needs and requirements, so we can tailor and design a program to get the best possible outcome for you and the participants.

    We are looking forward to be on your support team!

    I have been able to adopt some very effective strategies through working with Martin to improve on the communication I use day to day.

    Tim Clark

    Director, Cacao

    It blows my mind that Martin Probst can deliver that kind of mindset change in such a short period of time.

    Kirsty Milligan

    Managing Director, Kirsty Milligan Stylist

    The leadership training session with Martin was incredibly helpful and contained practical and relevant advice that I could immediately put into practice at work and in my personal life. I can highly recommend him as a personal coach to any manager looking for next step in their career.
    Pascal Winkelmann

    Chief Executive Officer, Dailywin Watch Products Mfg. Limited, Hong Kong

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