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Do you have several team members that would benefit from our strategies? Having your team out of the office while attending external training courses is not always convenient. Our highly experienced CEO Martin Probst can come to you, and deliver training to your team through in-house workshops. Our unique approach creates a culture of independent employees who perform interdependently within a cohesive team. We encourage their desire to excel in their roles, and help nurture values and beliefs aligned with business and team outcomes.


Turn dysfunctional situations into productive outcomes

Event overview

Positive relationships and a safe environment are essential to create a productive workforce. A range of conflicts can easily interrupt all of this. Therefore it is essential that managers gain the expertise and confidence to identify, deal and resolve conflicts quickly.

This workshop is designed to equip participants with a deep understanding of what is really driving conflict and how to achieve positive outcomes when dealing with internal and external clients. It will provide participants with effective conflict resolution techniques and communication skills to manage conflict with confidence and turn dysfunctional situations into productive outcome.


Target Audience
  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Emerging leaders
  • Key employees who are exposed to conflict situations
Program Objectives
  • Identify conflict situations early
  • Understand how to deal with difficult behaviours and ego
  • Manage your emotional state while in the heat of the moment
  • Structure conversations and gain confidence to turn dysfunctional situations into productive outcomes
  • Learn effective strategies to prevent conflicts in the future

Why support your team with professional development?

It is critical for organisations to have employees who understand each other well and work together as a team. A 2014 study by PwC revealed that in the corporate world, every $1 spent on wellbeing programs sees a $2.70  increase in productivity. Professional development is a vital factor for organisations to:

  • Increase effectiveness and productivity
  • Translate improved productivity into a boost of bottom-line
  • Enhance communication within the organisation and therefore improving customer service and reputation
  • Understand business needs and respect each other
  • Increase motivation and engagement at work that will reduce absenteeism and staff turnover
  • Develop a culture of trust which is a key factor in determining ultimate success
  • Improve employees’ health and well-being (OH&S/WHS)

Some benefits of holding the workshops in-house include:

  • You can conveniently schedule the training date according to your company’s preferences
  • We take pride in offering you solutions tailored to your needs to achieve the best possible outcome for you
  • All participants will be from the same industry which means the training content can be delivered more targeted to your requirements
  • Having everybody in the same room attending the same training encourages consensus building amongst stakeholders
  • The training your team members attend may possibly be credited towards one of our online courses should they choose to enrol

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Workshop investment structure

Your workshop investment is based on up to 20 participants per session, and all content is tailored to your individual needs.


2 hours

$1,600 (hourly rate $40 pp)

Cost for additional participants $40 pp


4 hours

$2,400 (hourly rate $30 pp)

Cost for additional participants $60 pp


6 hours

$3,000 (hourly rate $25 pp)

Cost for additional participants $80 pp

*     Prices are exclusive GST, subject to change without notice
**    Room with appropriate set up and catering to be arranged by the client
***  Other conditions apply

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What participants are saying about our workshops

Favourite part of the workshop: “All of it.”
"Martin was very engaging and motivating.”
“Not just thought provoking but life changing.”
“nsightful, deep, lots of reason & logical concepts.”
 Excellent presenter – you are very engaging and easy to listen to.”
“Great discussion, could relate not only on a personal level but also work.”
“I am inspired and influenced to make some changes in myself to help myself and others be more successful.”
“It was a fantastic opportunity to access such a wonderful speaker.”
“Thank you, I have enjoyed it immensely and took a lot away.”
Excellent presentation.“
Thanks for sharing your experience, wisdom and knowledge. Brilliant presentation.”
“Would be interested in attending more workshops.”


Participants rating our workshops Good or Excellent

Who you will connect with

Martin Probst

CEO - Chief Education Officer


Gerda Probst

CEO - Chief Efficiency Officer


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"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself."

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