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We conveniently come to you

Do you have several team members that would benefit from our strategies? Having your team out of the office while attending external training courses is not always convenient.

Our highly experienced CEO Martin Probst can come to you, and deliver training to your team through in-house workshops.

Our workshops are built on real-life experience, not just theory, so the participants can walk away with concrete answers. We target your immediate needs and issues, making sure that you get what you need to be successful. Our unique approach creates a culture of independent employees who perform interdependently within a cohesive team. We encourage their desire to excel in their roles, and help nurture values and beliefs aligned with business and team outcomes.

Why support your team with professional development?

It is critical for organisations to have employees who understand each other well and work together as a team.

Professional development is a vital factor for organisations to:

  • Increase effectiveness and productivity
  • Translate improved productivity into a boost of bottom-line
  • Enhance communication within the organisation and therefore improve customer service and reputation
  • Understand business needs and respect each other
  • Increase motivation and engagement at work that will reduce absenteeism and staff turnover
  • Develop a culture of trust which is a key factor in determining ultimate success
  • Improve employees’ health and well-being

What are the benefits?

Some benefits of holding the workshops in-house include:

  • You can conveniently schedule the training date according to your company’s preference
  • We take pride in offering you solutions tailored to your needs to achieve the best possible outcome for you
  • All participants will be from the same industry which means the training content can be delivered more targeted to your requirements
  • Having everybody in the same room attending the same training encourages consensus building amongst stakeholders
  • The training your team members attend may possibly be credited towards one of our online courses should they choose to enrol

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What’s on offer?

Following is a list of our most popular workshops, which we can tailor to your needs to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Simply click on the workshop images to access more details.

Below are a list of other topics that lie within our areas of expertise. Specific outcomes will be tailored to your needs to maximise impact and customer satisfaction.


Have you ever wondered how speakers present with confidence without notes and create instant impact with their message? Participants in this workshop will learn exactly that. Many people find public speaking nerve-wracking. The good news is that we provide simple yet powerful techniques to overcome the fear of public speaking and replace it with confident presentation skills.

In this workshop, participants will learn how to overcome their fear of public speaking, connect with the audience and how to get their message across with confidence.

TIME MANAGEMENT - Get to the point & stay ahead of the game

In today’s busy and ever-changing environment, we can easily get stressed and lose focus on what’s important. We became obsessed with time and too often get distracted in the whirlwind of daily tasks, which makes us at the end of a day often wonder what we actually achieved.

In this highly effective time management workshop, participants will learn how to manage themselves based on priorities, clear expectations and outcomes. They will walk away with self-leadership tools, new perspectives and simple yet powerful strategies of becoming highly productive.

BUILDING RESILIENCE - Cope and thrive in the face of challenges

Resilience enables us to cope with change, problems and stress. It helps us to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones and setbacks into comebacks.

This workshop is designed to educate, empower and inspire individuals to maximise their own level of resilience required to respond positively to the pressures and demands in their personal and professional environment.

ASSERTIVENESS & CONFIDENCE - Speak up, be heard and feel confident

Your ability to get your point across, lead your teams or simply maintain professional credibility can mean the difference between success and failure.

This workshop is designed to provide participants with tools needed to improve their self-esteem and professional presence, deliver an assertive verbal and non-verbal communication style, handle difficult people by clearly understanding their personal power within and to create and foster long-term relations.

SELF-LEADERSHIP - Being ahead of the game

Self-leadership is about knowing when and where to direct those efforts that will help you succeed. It is essential to gain an empowering mindset to take control of your own success and get the results you desire.

This workshop is designed to teach the participants the skills of pro-active task management and will equip them with prioritisation techniques, so they can successfully deal with change and handle workloads with more ease.

EMBRACING CHANGE - The secret of personal growth

When a business embarks on a change process, people have a tendency to become fearful and resistant. This can negatively affect their energy, productivity and emotions. However, if we plan, manage, engage and communicate well, we can achieve the opposite and have people participating in a culture of change with a clear vision.

This workshop aims to help participants to lead themselves and their team successfully through change, and give them tools to assist individuals to create more positivity, engagement and accountability to achieve better outcomes.

PROBLEM-SOLVING - The skill of an independent workforce

Only those who master critical thinking and problem-solving skills will be able to evolve and grow in this ever-changing world that is fast moving towards automation, globalisation and collaboration.

In this workshop, participants will learn how to equip their workforce with problem-solving skills, so they can apply solution-based and logical thinking, and make independent and smart decisions.

MANAGING MEETINGS - Success principles of effective meetings

There is no doubt that meetings play a pivotal role in the successful management of an organisation, and thus must deliver powerful action plans and meaningful outcomes. Otherwise, valuable and costly time and effort are wasted.

This workshop is focusing on how to eliminate meetings that are only time wasters and improve those that make a difference to the business. Participants will learn what it takes to plan, structure and lead effective, engaging and productive meetings through proper facilitation. This in turn will create accountability in attendees, lead to powerful action steps, as well as deliver clear outcomes to move the organisation forward.

INFLUENCE & NEGOTIATION - Achieving win-win results

Effective influence and negotiation is about accomplishing great outcomes while building and maintaining strong relationships.

This workshop is focusing on giving participants the confidence, essential skills and knowledge, as well as persuasive communication strategies to successfully influence and negotiate win-win outcomes for ongoing success.

DEALING WITH DIFFICULT BEHAVIOURS - Change through positive influence

Difficult behaviours can have an enormous negative impact on organisations and day-to-day operations, destroy long-term business relationships, as well severely affect individuals on a physical, mental and emotional level.

This workshop aims to provide behavioural solutions and unpack how to positively influence and inspire self and others to excel. Topics include: How we create our reality – What makes us tick – Why people are not their behaviours – What’s in our control; and what’s not – How to positively influence behavioural change in self and others

The Motivation and Inspiration in Leadership presentation was a tremendous success, attracting a diverse range and level of attendees. Your presentation was informative and many commented on how they reflected on their own practices. It also allowed for the reflection on workplace practices within their organisation.

Sally Rowe-Walser

Co-Secretary, AHRI Gippsland Network Committee

[Workshop Confident Conflict Management]. The presenter is very pleasant, humorous, engaging, and great attitude. “Who is in control of your mind?”

George Thomas

Director of Marketing, Acknowledge Education

Thanks again, Martin, for your excellent presentation and fabulous notes [on Influencing Positive Behaviours]. My colleagues and I were just reading through them, noticing our resonance with the different perceptual frameworks - very useful to facilitate enhanced connection with people, which is what we’re all about here! Your presentation came up repeatedly throughout the rest of our education day, so you really nailed it. Many thanks indeed.

Dr Suzanne Moss

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“Insightful, deep, lots of reason and logical concepts.”
“Excellent presentation. Thanks for sharing your experience, wisdom and knowledge. Brilliant presentation.”
“Martin was very engaging and motivating.”
“Lots of day-to-day examples to explain what was being discussed and understand better.”
Favourite part of the workshop: “All of it.” & “Insightful. Thought provoking. Martin’s very clear and entertaining delivery of the topic.”
“Excellent presenter – you are very engaging and easy to listen to.”
“Great discussion, could relate not only on a personal level but also work.”
“Thank you. I am inspired and influenced to make some changes in myself to help myself and others be more successful.”
“It was a fantastic opportunity to access such a wonderful speaker.
“Not just thought provoking but life changing.”
“Presenter used real-life examples.”
“Thank you, I have enjoyed it immensely and took a lot away.”
“Would be interested in attending more workshops.”

Attendees of an October 2017 workshop

How much does it cost?

Your investment starts from an hourly rate of as little as $25 per workshop participant.

Pricing for in-house workshops are usually flat-fee based on up to 20 participants. More participants can be added, however due to the interactive nature of our courses, classes greater than 25 is not recommended. The smaller the group, the more learnings, team building and individual assistance we can provide to the participants.

Click on the workshop images above to find out more, or complete the form below to contact us today for a more tailored quote.

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Too stressed to keep calm?

77 Simple Stress Stranglers - Free guide for exhausted managers

A 10-minute straight-to-the-point “Stress Strangler” every successful manager needs.

Subscribe and instantly access your FREE download (valued at $47)!

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