In-house Workshop

- we conveniently come to you if you have several participants.

Each leadership skills course can be delivered in-house

Do you have several team members that would benefit from our strategies? Having your team out of the office while attending external training courses is not always convenient. Our highly experienced CEO Martin Probst can come to you, and deliver training to your team through in-house workshops.

Our unique approach creates a culture of independent employees who perform interdependently within a cohesive team. We encourage their desire to excel in their roles, and help nurture values and beliefs aligned with business and team outcomes.

What are the benefits?

  • You can conveniently schedule the training date according to your company’s preferences
  • Because we are a boutique coaching business, we take pride in offering our clients  business solutions tailored to your needs
  • All participants will be from the same industry which means the training content can be delivered more targeted to your needs
  • The training your team members attend may possibly be credited towards one of our online courses should they choose to enrol

What is on offer?

Following is a list of our most popular workshops, which we can tailor to your needs to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

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“Insightful, deep, lots of reason and logical concepts.”
“Excellent presentation. Thanks for sharing your experience, wisdom and knowledge. Brilliant presentation.”
“Martin was very engaging and motivating.”
“Lots of day-to-day examples to explain what was being discussed and understand better.”
Favourite part of the workshop: “All of it.” & “Insightful. Thought provoking. Martin’s very clear and entertaining delivery of the topic.”
“Excellent presenter – you are very engaging and easy to listen to.”
“Great discussion, could relate not only on a personal level but also work.”
“Thank you. I am inspired and influenced to make some changes in myself to help myself and others be more successful.”
“It was a fantastic opportunity to access such a wonderful speaker.
“Not just thought provoking but life changing.”
“Presenter used real-life examples.”
“Thank you, I have enjoyed it immensely and took a lot away.”
“Would be interested in attending more workshops.”

Attendees of an October 2017 workshop

How much does it cost?

Pricing for the in-house courses is usually a flat-fee based on up to 20 participants, with the ideal number of participants being around 16. More participants can be added, however due to the interactive nature of our courses, classes greater than 25 is not recommended. The smaller the group, the more learnings, team building and individual assistance we can provide to the participants.

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